Bird Skulls

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 00.02.51Another installation I’ve been wanting to create for the woodland walk involves bird skulls and discusses the cycle of life and death.
I imagine bird skulls hanging from a tree, feeding the smaller birds. the birds would peck at them and the dead would feed the living.

The idea has developed in my mind from it’s conception, originally I had thought of casting the whole skull in fat filled with seeds, like a fat-ball, or casting the skulls and filling the cast,but then I decided to use the original skulls and fill the cavity with lard and seeds.
The sculpture will be somewhat temporary, as the fat and seeds are eaten, and I enjoy the potential of any walkers collecting an empty skull to take home, and so passing on the experience.
The skulls will maintain their natural essence and the problems I encountered with the fox skull will be avoided.

I think I will hang them from the beak, initially I gad thought from the base of the skull, but the aesthetics of the skull shape are enhanced by hanging from the beak and should offer more of a perch to small birds, hopefully.

Bird Skulls

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